Design Event Festival 2013 Overview

The theme for the 8th Northern Design Festival was Create:Digital which examined the advances in digital technology that have impacted on designers. New processes and ways of working have led to the development of highly creative work, which only a few short years ago would have been considered unachievable.

The keynote exhibition of the festival returned with the curated selling exhibition Design Event MART, featuring over 25 designers from the North of England and a newly curated illustration exhibition was introduced, aptly named ʻIllustrateʼ, featuring the work of ten professional illustrators all connected to Northern England. These exhibitions took place at the Festival

Hub, the Globe Gallery in Newcastle along with other digital artwork, talks and exhibitions. There was also a seminal exhibition demonstrating the theme of the festival perfectly, entitled Create:Digital. The exhibition was curated by Design Event and featured work from internationally renowned designers such as Dominic Wilcox, Michael Young and fashion powerhouse Issey Miyake, showcasing products made via new digital technologies and processes including 3D printing, 3D scanning and coding, amongst others.

The festival was attended by 92,980 people across 38 events, exhibitions, installations, talks and workshops.



This exhibition, curated by Design Event, showcased self-led pieces by ten leading illustrators alongside examples of their work for others.…


Design Event Mart

The Design Event MART is a curated selling exhibition presenting the best in contemporary design from designers living and working…


Create: Digital

Create: Digital was an exhibition curated in house by Design Event and presented the work of twelve internationally significant designers…