Curator’s tours

Join Karen Nairstone, Curator of the Northern Design Festival, for a free guided tour of this year’s exhibitions at the Assembly House, including work by Alan Kitching, Noma Bar, Turner Prize winners Assemble and BoConcept.

Karen will give insights into the Where Do Ideas Come From exhibition, which explores the inspirations and work of some of today’s leading designers and image makers.

Plus, find out about the designers who were selected to be a part of the Design Event MART, and the makers whose work you can see in the HotHouse exhibition.

No booking required.

The Assembly House, 55 Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1SG

Saturday 15 October, 2pm

Sunday 16 October, 2pm

Entry to The Assembly House: £2.50 (this gives you unlimited repeat visits)