Well designed – Bierrex

Bierrex smoke and tap house is the first in our series highlighting well designed spaces, and the latest Newcastle offering from the De Giorgi family. As to be expected, Bierrex lives up to the excellent design of their other establishments including Alvinos, Secco, intermezzo, Popolo, Paradiso, 9Bar Coffee and dAt bAr.
Formerly Popolo Bar, the space has been totally redesigned by Joe De Giorgi who collaborated with Xsite architecture, Dirty hands Co, and RASKL design studio to create a truly bespoke interior.
As you enter Bierrex your eye is immediately drawn to the central bar, produced by RASKL design studio and crafted from Siberian larch and black Valchromat. At the centre of the bar is an ‘Altar of Beer’, featuring 30 craft beers on tap.

‘The site is a corner site and therefore has lots of natural light and we wanted to capitalise on this and use light natural materials’ said Joe. ‘We wanted a contrast to the dark colours used in most bars and to echo the craft and artisan elements of the beers and menu to create symbiosis across all elements of the venue and ensure we were offering the right food in the right space.’

Inspiration for the project came from a visit to Torst bar in New York. ‘The mix of white marble, wood and brass, and both new and reclaimed materials worked so well in the space’ states Joe.

‘Our aim with Bierrex was minimal interference with the beer, food and materials to create a holistic experience.’

This use of natural materials is evident in the warm wood tones of the Siberian larch bar which are echoed in the parquet flooring, tapered table bases and slatted curved benches also made by RASKL design studio. ‘RASKL have a very unique approach and are really passionate about new materials, innovations and construction techniques. We have the same vocab for discussing design ideas and they’re a pleasure to work with’.

These craft elements, are complimented by strong graphic details including signage and large wall murals,– thanks to Dirty Hands Co.

‘Dirty Hands Co have worked all over the world and bring a wealth of new ideas to every project they work on. This is the third venue we’ve collaborated on with them and they’re always great to work with.’

The light and airy feel of the bar upstairs is contrasted by the Poison Cabinet basement bar below. The basement bar features black valchromat furniture throughout with subtle larch detailing and mock cleavers for door handles in polished stainless steel.

‘We have so much home grown talent here in the North East that are now working all over the world, so it’s great to be working with them on local projects and great to be able to see them enjoying the bar afterwards!

Bierrex smoke and tap house, 82 Pilgrim street, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6JN