“Made by good people with friendly robots.” Starting out as a bit of fun between the founders of Raskl, this phrase encapsulates the important factors, which give them their unique approach. Firstly, they are, in fact, good people: honest, open, friendly and enthusiastic. Secondly, they do use robots – in the shape of a couple of CNC machines which they use not in the typical fashion of being set up to mass produce a specific component, but as an extension of their artistic abilities.

Raskl started as a group of like-minded individuals who began to collaborate on various creative projects from their early teens. In 2005 they quit their day jobs and formed a company. Thanks to a lot of hard work, good luck and the steepest of learning curves, they have developed in to a diverse and ambitious business. While their bespoke work can be as sophisticated or as left field as their clients require, they aim to keep their own product range as simple and refined as possible. No unnecessary frills or embellishments, just functional, pleasing, quality items.

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Well designed - Bierrex

Joe De Giorgi collaborated with Xsite architecture, Dirty hands Co, and RASKL design studio to create a truly bespoke interior for their smoke and tap house.
As you enter Bierrex your eye is immediately drawn to the central bar, produced by RASKL design studio and crafted from Siberian larch and black Valchromat.
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Integra Desk

This truly unique and sumptuous retro desk combines the perfect mix of hardwood, leather and glass with clean, simple styling to deliver all the hallmarks of a future design classic.
The most intriguing element of the design is the singular leather panel, which weaves its way through the table.
Solid canted and tapered legs give the design poise and elegance.
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Agranda Rosewood bench

Agranda Bench

The Agranda Bench is an adaptable piece of furniture designed for modern living.
The functional design can be used as extendable seating ideal for kitchens or lobbies, or expands to fit any alcove or bay as a bench or occasional table.
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