Dove St. Pottery Large+Serving+Bowl+(72)

Dove St. Pottery

Dove St Pottery tableware is made by David Worsley in his worskshop in Shipley, West Yorkshire. David studied sculpture at the Royal College of Art, London before establishing his studio. David creates wheel thrown, functional ware; his designs are simple but elegant forms that are utilitarian with clean lines.

In order to make his work approachable and suitable for every day use David uses a white stoneware clay that allows each piece to look just as at home in the kitchen as the dining room. The glazes have a strong, natural and dark palette, the overall aesthetic is a quiet timelessness that ‘enhances the daily ritual of eating’. Due to the simple but classic nature of their design, each piece is suitable for either a traditional or modern setting.

David is influenced by the ideals of the Slow movement, where considerations for sustainability and enjoying the simple pleasures of life are key in order to counteract the fast paced consumerism of modern day society.